ASC Creative Ltd. is a digital products development company focused on providing large scale B2B platforms, such as MeetingGenius.

MeetingGenius is borne of over 15 years in the property management industry, recognizing a need to simplify structured meetings. Started in 2007, ASC Creative Ltd. was one of the first companies to revisit the traditional meeting workflow, and make improvements based on using technology within the traditional meeting workflows. It is easily accessible, simple and intuitive interface, and capable of integration with many other applications and platforms. 

MeetingGenius allows any organization or team that organizes meetings and documents their work to significantly improve their operational and financial efficiency. MeetingGenius enhances the collaborative governance in a helping decision-making environment. Our meeting workflow management portal meets all the security and the compliance needs that these meetings require.

Our goal is to improve operational efficiency by at least 30% in normal, daily meetings, by:

  • freeing over 30% of meeting management time for the benefit of the operations, and
  • significantly improving task assignment, follow-up and visibility.

ASC Creative Ltd. draws on over 100 years of combined product design, software development and marketing, and business operations experience. We are based in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.