Industry Templates

Every industry has a unique dictionary for meetings. From selling goods and services online to property management to government meetings, workers and managers within the industry understand the meaning of industry dictionary. In fact, in some industries we pay a great deal of money for the words and their meanings to be readily understood (think lawyers). In all industries, these words and meaning are meant to speed up how business is transacted.

So a meeting management workflow system like MeetingGenius has to do the same. In fact we take it further – more about that later.

MeetingGenius has an industry template system that allows your company to select your industry, and the industry dictionary becomes available. If your wish to customize an industry template or a template is not available, then one can be created in a few days.

There are two core templates that are the foundation from which we build a new template; Internal and Service Provider. The Internal template is meant for internal use where there is one client – the company that you work for. It is meant for scenarios where the meetings are held in-house, and MeetingGenius will be sharing with predominantly internal users.

The Service Provider template is used where external clients are defined within MeetingGenius, and the clients are involved in the meetings. Examples include lawyers and property managers. In fact, we used the Service Provider template as the core for building our Property Management template that we offer to that industry.

We display the unique dictionary for an industry through our Genius Words dictionary. Genius Words are one way that we significantly speed up the in-meeting data capture process. Contact us if you want more information about Genius Words.