Why MeetingGenius?


Most organizations have established procedures for managing capital. Business cases, management approvals and detailed restrictions are all part of the process to manage capital expenditures. But what about an organization’s time?

Time is arguably an organization’s scarcest – and most often squandered – resource. And much of that time is spent in meetings. On average, executives devote more than two days a week to meetings involving 3+ co-workers.

Unfortunately, the majority of meetings are ineffectual because of dysfunctional meeting behaviour (i.e. sending emails during the meeting, double booking meetings, etc.) is on the rise, formal controls are rare, and there are few mechanisms for assessing the productivity of meetings.

When you break it down meetings are about managing an information flow – communication with attendees and parties related to the meeting, and the data that flows from this communication. MeetingGenius manages that information flow. MeetingGenius is a meeting workflow management system with the goal of reducing the headaches of preparing for, holding and managing post-meeting tasks. Our goal is to increase meeting productivity by a minimum of 30%. How do we do that? 


Spend less time on paperwork and more time solving problems.

  • Re-use meeting data more effectively
  • Capture decisions, and set tasks and reminders during the meeting.
  • Send the Minutes before you leave the meeting
  • Track the progress, with related documents, in one place.
  • Create the next Agenda with the click of a button







The more organised you seem, the more they trust you. 

  • Set expectations with clear tasks, timelines and owners
  • Meet expectations with reminders and updates
  • Answer questions with a full history and attachments
  • Enter every meeting knowing that nothing fell through the cracks
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  • Share task updates before and between meetings
  • Add new tasks and request to the next meeting agenda
  • View full history and attachments anytime it’s needed.