About ASC Creative Ltd.

The people at ASC Creative have a deep interest in designing digital products that make your business run better. Embedded in our founding philosophy is the idea that we won’t try new tech out on your app until we’ve tried it ourselves.  We’ve been where you are,  know the challenges, know small business, and we are technology masters.

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

ASC Creative Ltd. is the technology whisperer guiding our clients through the technology decision making and design processes. Simply put we help client make better technology decisions. 

Driven by Data

We live in an increasingly data centric world – a world where connecting disparate data sources is the only way to ensure that you have the information you need to make good decisions. This sounds easier than it is, so ASC Creative has invested in data management tools that connect data together in meaningful ways. 

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Staying ahead in the technology sector is hard work. ASC Creative is active in numerous groups and associations so that we can provide practical knowledge and tested skills. 

Your Users are Our Users

Clients are the lifeblood of any business, so we treat you, and your clients as an integral component. We will not be here without you. 

Delight & Inspire

Since 2007, ASC Creative has worked on 100+ projects of all sizes. We are proud of our 95%+ completion rate and high customer satisfaction. Simply said, we work very hard to make your project a success.

How do you tell the difference between App developers?

Most App developers will tell you that they are different. How can you tell?

ASC Creative Ltd is a mid-sized agency with a team that has been together for years, and takes old fashioned pride in delivering stunning applications and data integrated projects. When you want something done right, look for creative answers to challenges, superior project management and development experience, end-to-end service, and integrity. ASC Creative offers all that along with the creativity and ability to deliver you’d expect from larger agencies.

Design First Approach

Based on years of experience, and working with virtually every development method, we know what you need is a clear understanding of what we’re going to build, control over the results, and scope that won’t creep. A design-first approach works on all those fronts.

Designing an effective, on-point web or mobile-app is hard work. It can get complex fast. Using our design-first approach we’ll work with you so that the complexity is managed, with you in the driver’s seat when making important decisions, and you will know up-front what you’ll be getting.

We’ll show you prototypes of each phase and each screen of the design. We’ll work out the workflows, interactions, colours, fonts, and look and feel with you. That way when you see the final product, not only are there are no nasty surprises but you know it’ll work the way you wanted it to.

Outstanding Customer Service

We take pride in building strong relationships with all of our customers. Our relationships are built on honesty, integrity, and authenticity. We will guide you through the process, support you in your decision making, and work hard to make sure the bumps are as smooth as can be. 

At ASC Creative we also bring years of entrepreneurial experience to the table. We know how hard you work on your business and how important it is to get things right. We can guide you in making sure the app you want to build works for your business the way you want it to.






Data Integration & Business Technology Operations

Most businesses today, especially small and mid-sized ones, keep their data and technology operations in silos. It is generally not intentional — the business just grew that way. In fact, while some in-roads are being made in some businesses around automation of things like newsletters and support, most are not taking advantage of the power of the data they have. When you’ve gone to the trouble of designing and building an app, even a simple online ordering app, that’s like leaving money on the table. With years of experience as entrepreneurs and technologists, ASC Creative Ltd. has a unique and powerful perspective on how to make the most of the data you have.






Our Partners

The technology ecosystem can be confusing. There are so many companies offering to provide you technology and services. To make it easier, ASC Creative has spent internal resources working to locate and then partner with knowledgeable companies and suppliers. We believe that competency and knowledge are the most important attributes, not company size. 

We invite you to try them out. 

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Meet the Team

Tim Bramwell

Tim Bramwell

From the first personal computer-based email system to working with large-scale software implementations, Tim has been at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Tim brings a long-term, robust vision to each and every project. Reach out and have a conversation with Tim. You’ll see the difference that experience makes.

Philip Struthers

Philip Struthers

Project Co-Ordinator

Philip is a graduate of BCIT, a leading technology college. His inquistive mind and personal desire to use the latest proven technology means that our clients can rely his recommendations.  

Julie Matson

Julie Matson

UX Designer

Julie is a UX & Product Designer, Sound Artist and Musician dedicated to exploring the relationships of interaction, adversity and design aesthetic. She  believes in human design thinking and knows that there are many ways to reach one solution.

Ellen Shing

Ellen Shing

UX Designer

Ellen is a UX designer who loves to play with colours and form to make your project stand-out and improve  customer usabilty. 

Gary Cao

Gary Cao

Sr. Systems Administrator

Gary makes those troubling systems issues disappear. Digging deep into systems problems, Gary doesn’t quit until the issue is identified, resolved and updated in our knowledge base. 

Dushyant Patel

Dushyant Patel

Development Lead

Dushyant is a developer’s developer.

Delight & Inspire

Since 2007, ASC Creative has worked on 100+ projects of all sizes. We are proud of our 98% completion rate and 99% customer satisfaction rate. Simply said, we work very hard to make your project a success.