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Bulletproof is a VFX industry budgeting, and project and shot management tool all-in-one. Why does the industry need this? Because VFX is a highly dynamic and highly fluid environment. In other industries you might write change requests to manage a significant change in scope, but in film and TV productions and commercials, projects change very quickly. This means that it’s possible for hourly, daily, and more regular changes to both productions and downstream budgets. The existing tools have not be available to manage shots, projects, or budgets in one platform. 

Project Summary

Bulletproof is the brainchild of a highly respected, highly credited VFX director. Bulletproof is a solution to the problem of managing budgets, projects, and shots in the midst of constant change. We used a design-first approach for this project. Starting with a whiteboard, then rough sketches, then screen-by screen developing the interactions and highly complex and interdependent workflows we carefully designed and tested each screen. The result is an effective tool that will be used by our client and will save those projects weeks of time and thousands of dollars.

Managing Complexity

Given the extent of the changes, and resultant cahnges to upstream/downstream workflows, the inter-dependencies are very complex in Bulletproof. Also the target audience includes VFX creatives, budgeting staff and studio accountants, so the look and feel must address all types of users. To ensure we understood and weren’t missing anything, we used paper prototypes to test each screen with the client. We didn’t stop until the client was 100% satisfied that we had it right.


The success of the project rests on the structure of the database. Once we understood the structure and the interdependencies we were able to begin the database development before the design was finalized. This approach has helped us move the project along much more quickly. 

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