Visual & UX Design

Great web or mobile app design is so much more than nice fonts and colours. Great design is holistic and works at three key layers:

  1. The visual or surface layer
  2. The interaction layer
  3. The structural layer

At ASC Creative we start with the structural layer and work our way up to the visual layer.

AS we work these layers we also consider and incorporate usability and accessibility, as well as branding and identity. The result is a holistic user experience that reflects your vision and brand.

The Structural Layer

The design phase begins on a whiteboard, then moves to paper, then once we think we have a rough understanding we’ll start documenting the underlying structure and workflows for your app. This process will help us clearly define scope, identify any gaps in our understanding of what the app is supposed to do and how, as well as help us identify opportunities for data integration.

The Interaction Layer

While the structural layer can strongly influence the overall usability of your app, the interaction layer is where the rubber hits the design road. If you haven’t thought through exactly what will happen when you make a selection or tap a button and made it consistent all the way through your app, you can get into real usability trouble. At ASC Creative we pay special attention to the interaction design layer so that your app usable, highly functional, and just works.


The Visual Layer

The visual layer is more than just fonts, logo, and images, it’s what brings the experience of your app to life. It’s what communicates your vision most clearly. At ASC Creative we are masters at transforming that desired feeling and experience to life.

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