Design First

You know that old adage, measure twice and cut once? That’s the Design First method. We use it because it works and we can guarantee what we build is what you wanted. This saves you time and money.  

Working it out on paper FIRST

Based on years of experience, and working with virtually every development method, we know what you need is a clear understanding of what we’re going to build, control over the results, and scope that won’t creep. A design-first approach works on all those fronts.

Regardless of the method you use, designing an effective, on-point web- or mobile-app is hard work. There is a lot of complexity. Using our design-first approach we’ll work with you so that the complexity is managed, you are in the driver’s seat in terms of the important decisions, and you can see what you’ll be getting.

We’ll show you paper or on-screen prototypes of each phase and each screen of the design. We’ll work out the workflows, interactions, colours, fonts, and look and feel with you. That way when you see the final product, not only are there are no nasty surprises but you know it’ll work the way you wanted it to.

Your success is our success. We will work hard to make sure that we deliver what you wanted, that it works, and that it does what you need it to do: help your business grow.

A Proven Process Time & Time Again

Are you ready to start creating your web or mobile app? Contact us and set up a time to talk. No pressure, no stress, just a conversation about what you envision.