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We’re Happy to  Explain why Odoo is Great for Your Business


As an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, Odoo provides a ton of features and functionality for your business. The list covers every function of your business.

But what makes it really different are two things:

1. The pricing model. For one low price starting at US$24.90/user, you can mostly eliminate your costs for the point-to-point applications in your business today. No more paying for individual subscriptions for 

2. The breathtaking scope of features and functionality that covers everything that your business needs. This is not just a sales statement – check out what it can do!


Our $250 special offer is only available until July 30 2024. See below for details.  Book a meeting for more details.

Odoo fixes the disconnected world of business apps

Odoo has 80+ integrated business apps

Want to learn more? 

To see if Odoo is right for you, or to setup a trial, setup a time to discuss your specific needs. 

Special Offer

If you signup to use Odoo before August 1 2024, ASC Creative will provide a $250 implementation credit to use our implementation services.