When ASC Creative started business in 2007, times were different. Society was entering a recession that culminated in a tough period for most during 2008. The world of technology was less complicated and diverse.

As a small business ourselves, our management tries to stay on top of business and technology trends so that we can delivery a rock solid services and products. But it is hard to contemplate other industries that change as quickly as the software/technology sector does. And with that change comes more competition. So how does ASC Creative stay ahead of our competitors?

Firstly, ASC Creative is part digital innovation lab, designing and developing our own new products, and part development agency – working with small and medium businesses to create stunning Web and Mobile Apps. So when we develop an project for a client, we understand in our bones what it takes to operate and manage it.

After working with many, many development frameworks, we understand that our clients and internal team members need a CLEAR understanding of the scope and directions. Most of the traditional development methodologies do not provide this – so we developed our own.

Our design first approach drives most development shops crazy because there are no functional specifications documents. Our approach consolidates several previously distinct steps that are generally hidden from the client, into a design model where the client sees the user interactions, UI elements (colours, fonts, buttons styles, etc.), and workflows before development starts. NO SURPRISES.

We have been data aware from the beginning. Many businesses, especially small and mid-sized ones, keep their data and technology operations in silos. It is generally not intentional — the business just grew that way. And that means that most businesses are not taking advantage of the power of the data they have. When you’ve gone to the trouble of designing and building an app, even a simple online ordering app, that’s like leaving money on the table.

With years of experience as entrepreneurs and technologists, ASC Creative Ltd. has a unique and powerful perspective on how to make the most of the data you have.

We have a 98% project completion rate. Nothing more to be said about that.

If any of the above makes sense, or even if it doesn’t, we would love to hear from you.